Joao Santos

I'm a web developer, passionate by innovation and user experience. I have been working in web development since 2005, but last years I have been focused in front-end development.

Joao Santos

Currently my favourite frontend tech stack is React with TypeScript, making use of MobX and InversifyJS to achieve better abstractions on bigger projects. I also have been working with Redux in some projects.

Additionally, I also like to think about microfrontends architecture and develop tools for all teams. Many times I code and ship central and common libraries in TypeScript which are then consumed by all teams. Examples are react libraries (localization, authorization, etc…), infrastructure configurations (webpack configs, development environments, testing, etc…).

For CI / CD I usually use Jenkins, but I am also familiar with GitHub Actions and have build a number of CI flows to help our teams to deliver code, both in backend and frontend projects.

Learning new technologies is something that I love to do, so I am always happy to research and experiment with new ones, mainly in the Javascript world 😍

On my free time I swim, I play the guitar, I repair and drive my old cars, I hang out with my family and I take some pictures.

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