Welcome to my Blog

I have made this blog with the intent of not forgetting what I already have done through out these years, and also to share some learning if possible.

More often than not, I forget all the things I've done and shared with my family and friends. I hope this blog will help me to look into the past and remember some personal achievements.

From young age, I listened to music (mostly due to my older brother and parents) and that was a passion that has grown in me. I have started to play guitar, started playing in bands, and then later on I have developed interest for music production, building my own home studio and recording some bands.

At the same time - and in the opposite spectrum - I was always curious on understanding how things worked and developed a strong passion with programming, taking my first courses in Pascal and Turbo Pascal at very young age.

With that said, I'll try to split up this journal in two sections: